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What to expect (from a sex club)

Is it your first time visiting our sex club? This what to expect

A visit to a sex club can be a little bit frightening for some first timers. Don’t worry about it, our hostess will be there to help you feel comfortable. Our sex club is as a place for men to relax, explore and share various sexual hankerings. We provide the safe zone where everything is discrete and non-judgmental.

Tell us it’s your first time at the Golden Key sex club, and we will do our best to make you feel at ease. If you are still a bit shy, we will gladly walk you through the process of meeting our lovely and talented girls. If it is still a bit much, still no problem. Just visit our club, enjoy your favourite drink at the bar and see how it works first-hand. It is not mandatory to take one of our girls up to a private room, but understand that the option is always open.

“A truly unforgettable night in Amsterdam, let our hostess help you create it”

How our sex club works

The Golden Key opens all doors to a relaxing night. We offer just that by fulfilling your sexual cravings, creating a lusty and erotic party or a nice simple and chatty evening. Here is what you can expect from our sex club, step-by-step.

  • After entering our sex club our hostess will get you comfortable at our bar. Enjoy your drink and soak in the relaxing vibe of our club.
  • You might have some special desires. Please let the hostess know. Our top-notch service is as important to us as our sexy girls are.
  • While you are seated at the bar our available girls will come over to say hello. Take your time, and get to know all of them one by one. Just remember the name of you favourite girl and once all girls have said hello, let the hostess know to which of our girls you want to be introduced or with whom you would like to spend some one-on-one time.
  • Even though we believe we will always find the girl for your desires, in some rare occasions this will not be the case. Of course taking one of the girls into a private room is not obligated. Just relax at the bar and have some fun with the girls there. Maybe the girl you are looking for is yet to come. If not, you have had a nice night at our bar with Amsterdam’s finest girls and your favourite drinks. The admission to our sex club is € 50, – including one free drink.
  • Once you have found your girl, you can drink some more at the bar to get to know her a little bit better. Or you can even go straight for one of our 6 private rooms. All of our rooms are equipped with a king size bed, a jacuzzi and a fine music system. Everything you need to have for a fun night is up for grabs. Let our hostess know what your intensions are and how long you expect to stay. Payment is done before going in to the private room, with the hostess.
  • Before you go into the room together to enjoy a rememberable erotic encounter, payment is settled with our hostess. Now the real relaxation starts, within a private room in the experienced hands of the girl of your choosing.
  • Protection is a must, for the safety of our girls as well as for your safety.
  • If things turn out to be even more fun then you had expected at first, it is no problem at all to extend your erotic exploration. Just tell your girl that you would wish to extend your time with her. Discuss any extra services and a new price and payment is settled after a short call to the hostess. She might have to leave the room for a short time but usually you can directly start your new erotic plans together.
  • After you have enjoyed the privacy with one of our girls you can get another drink at the bar to reminisce your earlier encounters before you walk back to your residence with a smile on your face.

The core values of our club are discretion, service, relaxation and excellence. We strive to make you feel these values during your entire stay at our sex club. As we are always looking for new ways to improve our service we would love to hear your ideas of course. Our girls are awaiting your visit.

“Whether you want to have a drink or go a little further, our sex club provides a venue in which you will be able to relax.”

Sex club Golden Key in Amsterdam

We have created a Men’s Club in which men can relax, explore and share various sexual desires in a safe, discrete and non-judgmental way. No girls behind windows, no awkward small talk at the window with tourists watching over your shoulder before going into the girls room. Our luxurious bar is fully stocked with your favourite drinks. Whether you just want to have a drink or go a little further, our sex club provides the venue in which you can relax.

Our girls will say hello while you just kick back at the bar. Our girls are truly Amsterdam’s finest and each have their own specialities with which they will definitely rock your world. Within this relaxed setting you will be able to choose the girl of your preferences and join her in one of our private rooms. Naturally our rooms are equipped with a king size bed, a jacuzzi and a top of the line music system. All of this to ensure you have the most amazing night possible.

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